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Welcome to Aron Studio

Your reliable partner for bespoke architectural services!

Phase 1: Meticulous Analysis

We analyze your individual requirements, including the spatial program, usable areas, current and future resident structure, with utmost precision, diligence, and our years of planning experience. Using a meticulously optimized questionnaire developed over years, we ensure that no detail is overlooked, providing the perfect starting point for our design work.

Additionally, we assess and evaluate the characteristics of your property, such as location, topography, sun orientation, zoning regulations, surrounding structures, vegetation, sound protection needs, sightlines, views to be concealed, and external elements.

Phase 2: Conceptual Planning

We create and optimize a custom spatial program, organized by floors and usage areas. At the same time, we define key visual parameters for the initial visualization, such as façade colors, terrace surfaces, and the decision to include or exclude features like fireplaces.

Phase 3: Design Competition

Choose from two variants:

Variant A: We present 1-3 design studies along with the winning study as the final design.

Variant B: We offer 1-3 complete designs for you to choose from.

Phase 4: Cost Estimation and Proposal Preparation

We provide a precise cost breakdown, filling in all specifications accurately based on the final design and current market prices, leaving no room for vague “cost estimates.”

Phase 5: Planning Contract Phase According to HOAI and Your Preferences

During this phase, we undertake various steps, including:

  • Soil investigation
  • Surveying work
  • Construction permit application
  • Building technical proofs (statics, fire protection, sound protection, thermal protection, energy certification, inspection of statics – depending on the client’s and authorities’ requirements)
  • 3D architectural execution planning (BIM)
  • Structural execution planning
  • Building services engineering planning
  • Detailed planning (staircases, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, wellness areas, children’s rooms, built-in niches, bedrooms, entrances, lighting design, etc.)

We look forward to transforming your vision into impressive and functional architecture!