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The construction of Mallard Villa presented a distinctive hurdle as it was situated amidst a landscape abundant with ancient fruit trees. The preservation of these trees took precedence, profoundly influencing every facet of the project. The choice of the villa's placement was meticulously weighed, aiming to honor and safeguard as many trees as feasible, thereby achieving a seamless integration with the natural surroundings.


The Engineers Club is an esteemed recreational retreat specifically created for members of the esteemed Zanjan Engineers Association. This remarkable endeavor was undertaken in response to an invitation from the association and finds its perch atop one of the most elevated locations in Zanjan city. From this elevated position, it offers breathtaking, wide-ranging vistas that encompass the entire urban landscape and the serene river meandering gracefully through it. One notable architectural feature is the intentional use of exposed concrete in the roof structure, adding a distinct touch to the design.


This project is a pedestrian bridge that spans a river, connecting two neighborhoods in a city. The bridge is designed to be a living, breathing structure, with a green roof that supports a variety of plant life. The structure is made from a combination of wood, steel, and glass, and features a series of seating areas and observation decks that offer stunning views of the river and surrounding cityscape. The Living Bridge is not only a functional piece of infrastructure but also a beautiful work of art that enhances the urban environment.