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  • Area 5600 Sqm
  • Location TEHRAN, IRAN
  • Status CONCEPT
  • Year 2018

The medium-sized black box theater is a dynamic and flexible performance space designed to inspire creativity and captivate audiences. As architects, we take pride in creating a venue that offers a multitude of possibilities for immersive experiences and artistic expression. With its adaptable design and technical excellence, our black box theater is ideal for a wide range of performances, workshops, and educational activities.

Regarding the architectural Specifications, our medium-sized black box theater strikes the perfect balance between intimacy and capacity. With a square or rectangular shape, it provides a versatile canvas for creative stage configurations and audience layouts. The walls, painted in elegant black, not only create a neutral backdrop but also serve as acoustic absorbers, enhancing the overall sound quality. The flooring, crafted from premium materials such as hardwood or black marley vinyl, offers a sturdy and resilient foundation for performances of all kinds.

From Lighting and Sound System point of view, immerse yourself in a world of captivating visuals and impeccable audio. Our black box theater features a state-of-the-art lighting system, complete with a grid of fixtures that can be customised to create the perfect ambiance for any production. From spotlights to floodlights and color-changing fixtures, the possibilities are endless. The sound system is carefully designed to ensure crystal-clear audio reinforcement, incorporating speakers, amplifiers, mixing consoles, and microphones to bring performances to life with precision and clarity.

In order to have suitable seating and Configurations, flexibility is at the heart of our black box theater. The seating arrangement can be easily tailored to suit the unique needs of each production. Whether you require traditional rows of movable chairs, bleachers, or even platforms for experimental seating setups, our theater can accommodate your vision. With a capacity designed for medium-sized audiences, ranging from intimate gatherings to larger groups, everyone can enjoy an up-close and immersive experience.

On the other hand, we prfioritize accessibility and safety. Our design adheres to all local building codes and accessibility regulations, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the performances. We have implemented features such as ramps, handrails, and accessible seating to ensure inclusivity. Safety measures such as well-marked fire exits, emergency lighting, and fire suppression systems are in place, providing peace of mind for both performers and audiences.

For experience the possibilities, unleash your creativity in this medium-sized black box theater. The versatility of this space invites experimentation and innovation, making it an ideal choice for theatrical productions, workshops, rehearsals, and educational activities. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a budding performer, our black box theater offers endless possibilities to bring your vision to life.