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  • TOTAL AREA3200
  • YEAR OF WORK2019-2020

The Music Academy is a state of the art music learning centre providing high-quality education to children of all backgrounds from ages 3 to 14 It’s a place of education that delivers recognised music certificates testifying to the students’ progress. Children can learn and become adept in a wide range of instruments through annual and punctual individual lessons, group classes and music workshops. They can also improve their music skills thanks to masterclasses and group bands practices.

Children learn how to play an instrument during individual lessons. 13 rooms are dedicated to individual practice.there are 9 individual practice rooms which allow students to rehearse and improve their skills by practicing and revising their lessons in a quiet place. Also, 4 educational rooms have been considered for Individual lessons are delivered in these rooms. Children can quickly improve their skills with a personalized weekly follow-up. In order to encourage group practices and classes to which 7 rooms are dedicated, 2 small rooms, 3 medium rooms and 3 large rooms.

Performance rooms have been designed for amateurs and advanced musicians who want to compose, record and perform their own musical productions. There is a recording studio that can be rented by anyone from the Academy and other for sound recording, mixing, audio, instrumental and vocal performances. Furthermore, professional musicians, teachers, students, can perform on the stage of this auditorium. It can welcome between 80 and 100 spectators. It also hosts rehearsals, concerts for children and their family and students’ concerts.

One off the excitement part off the project is the permanent exhibition which offers a fun learning experience inspiring children ages 3 to 14 to discover sounds, iconic composers, world music variety and a wide range of instruments from harpsichords to digital ones. The first theme is the soundscapes, nature part including the sea, the jungle and the desert and manmade part including city sounds, theatre, music, electromechanical sounds. The second theme aims to explore the European Classical Music. The third theme of the exhibition celebrates timeless world music. It is devoted to three traditional music cultures: Persian, African/ Caribbean, Slavic Music. The final theme is devoted to contemporary music. This theme spotlights music innovations such as electronic music and the use of artificial intelligence in music composition.