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  • TOTAL AREA150 sqm
  • YEAR OF WORK2020-2022

Nestled within the pristine environs of Northern Iran’s Guilan region, “Eden Villa” stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity and nature’s embrace. Immaculately perched upon a formidable 45 percent slope, this exceptional project by Aron Studio seamlessly intertwines with the lush, undulating landscape.

“Eden Villa” is a transcendent embodiment of form meeting function. In perfect harmony with the natural contours of the land, this villa is thoughtfully designed across two distinct levels, discreetly staggered to avoid conventional alignment. The lower level’s roof graciously extends as a capacious balcony for the upper level, forming an uninterrupted communion with the panoramic surroundings. Elevation above ground not only guards against ground moisture but also assures a continual flow of fresh air during the sweltering summer months.

Every conceivable space beneath “Eden Villa” is meticulously harnessed for the strategic placement of mechanical utilities. This thoughtful approach ensures both a streamlined aesthetic and maximum functionality.

In unwavering commitment to our client’s vision, the connection between the two levels materializes externally, resulting in two discreet, self-sustaining 5×10-meter structures. The upper level takes the spotlight as the principal entrance, enveloping an expansive living area complemented by a fully equipped kitchen and an expansive balcony that doubles as the roof for the lower level.

The lower level, accessible via an external staircase, unveils an opulent bedroom, complete with an indulgent bathroom that affords breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscape. Tailored for utmost comfort, this space boasts a well-appointed minibar and a commodious closet, ensuring complete independence from the upper tier.

“Eden Villa” offers an ever-evolving, breathtaking view of the verdant mountain forest, weaving an enchanting tapestry for every moment. The villa’s minimalist and inviting design serves as a sanctuary for those seeking to immerse themselves fully in the serene mountain ambiance.

Explore the enchanting allure of “Eden Villa,” where architecture and nature converge in a harmonious, indelible union. Season after season, this architectural masterpiece ensures that each visit is an extraordinary journey. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or a profound connection with the natural world, “Eden Villa” is an embodiment of the extraordinary.

Welcome to “Eden Villa,” a place that transcends the boundaries of a traditional retreat, offering an experience like no other.