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Designing and reviving a residential area in Abbasgholi neighbourhood of Zanjan with the approach of enhancing the urban life-ability.

In recent years, the rapid growth of cities along with unceasing population density and the lack of attention to the context of previous developed textures have caused the ancient central parts of cities lose their ability to contemplate. Gradually By changing the values and needs of the inhabitants, they become undesirable places to live, and their vitality and dynamism are in serious trouble. The present project attempts to improve the livelihood by modifying the housing pattern in a part of the worn-out urban area that is almost vacant, so that by improving the quality of the environment, people’s housing satisfaction will be promoted.

The Priority Of The Design:

1. The design of the residential complex, modular design and proportionality have been the basis of design. Modular design allows for future design expansion and also prevents the formation of different and incompatible patterns.

2. Regarding the habit of the people living in these villas with independent courtyards, we tried to provide a small independent yard at the altitude of each residential unit with complete confidentiality. 

3. The open space between residential blocks is designed safely for the elderly and children, away from traffic.

The design of a house is considered a cultural phenomenon and its shape and spatial organization are strongly influenced by the identity and culture to which it belongs and the creation of a residence based on culture, identity and human needs in order to create peace and security and increase the level of satisfaction of the residents.

That is, the satisfaction that is achieved as a result of meeting human needs and using a quality and desirable residence, requires a design that imagines the highest level of spatial quality in the designer’s mind, a design that, in addition to providing a favorable environment for life, to improve the quality of life and remove the concept of home from the place where only shelter and four walls are instilled to become a homeowner and to prioritize the provision and realization of quality in the living environment because there is a direct relationship between the quality of life and the ability to live in The environment exists and improving the ability to live requires improving the quality.